These authentic Moroccan leather poufs are handcrafted by a real artisan in Morocco. Our leather poufs are made of genuine natural goat leather stitched together and hand embroidered with exquisite detailing on the top using natural strings made of cactus. Their great usage versatility is an ideal addition to any room from the living room to the bedroom. They are available in many colors and can be used as footstools, seating around coffee tables, or a side table.

If you are like us, and are so excited to own one of these beautys, you will want to know how to keep it looking and feeling new.  The good news is that these should last you years and years with proper care

Easy Tips for Cleaning:


  • Don’t use any cleaning products that are not for genuine leather and test an inconspicuous area
  • Don’t use hard brushes or scourers
  • Don’t let any liquid sit for long periods on time on the leather
  • Don’t place near any heat source.  It may cause drying out and cracking
  • Don’t under stuff your pouf.  This can cause it to sag and crease over time.


  • Do use a microfibre or soft cloth only slightly damp to clean regularly
  • Do use an eraser for any hard to remove residue.  Test on the underside for any discolouration first
  • Do use a dry cloth immediately on any spills
  • Do keep away from direct sunlight as this can cause discolouration
  • Do use a leather conditioner a few times a year to keep it soft and feeling nice


Your pouf will be shipped unfilled, it has a zipper on the bottom that allows you to stuff the pouf. Please be advised these Moroccan leather poufs are entirely hand-stitched. They do not have symmetry and homogeneous finish of an industrial product. Natural flaws and color variations can be present between the pieces and that’s what makes their charm and uniqueness. The smell of leather is normal because the leather used wasn’t industrially treated with chemicals, but it will fade away over time. We do our best to represent the product as accurately as possible.

– Materials: Goat Leather, Sabra (Natural Strings Made of Cactus)

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